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Datacenter in India (Mumbai, Chennai, New Delhi and Bangalore)

Impulse Web Hosting offers dedicated server hosting services across six data centers in India. These Internet datacenter provides physical environment for servers to keep them running 24 x 7 x 365. Low latency hosting within India and Asia offers excellent speed to deliver the content over the web.

We operate at multiple Tier III & Tier IV data centers in India

Datacenter in India

These data centers are the best datacenters in India and covers 80% of the internet population within India. Many popular portals and financial websites are hosted at datacenter guaranteeing highest uptime and support. Each data center offers redundant power, cooling, fire protection, security and network.

Uninterrupted power India IDC Uninterrupted power with backup diesel generators takes care of the power in the data center. Main power to the Internet data center is supplied by the regional electric power utility. This configuration provides redundancy in electrical distribution upto the rack level, ensuring uninterrupted power 24x7.

Cooling is provided by precision-based environment control systems. Temperature is maintained at 22 degree Celsius. Humidity level maintained at 50 ± 5% humidity, non-condensing. The HVAC units are powered by both normal and emergency electrical systems.

Fire protection is taken care by High Sensitivity Smoke Detectors, gas based fire suppression systems (FM200). These fire protection systems ensure that in rare case of fire inside the data center, fire is stopped within seconds and data/equipments are not damaged.
Security at these data center is primarily provided by highly trained security guards. Multiple levels of physical security like biometric scanners, role based access cards and multiple CCTV Cameras with video archival facility ensure your data is secure.

Network within each data center is highly redundant and connected with local internet exchange. Cisco powered gigabit network within all data center ensure speed and high network uptime. Local and International connectivity offers low latency from India and overseas.

Hosting your servers at these data center lowers the total cost of ownership.

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